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Private William Pickard


Harrogate Herald - 24th January 1917

The following are men who have sent us the Army post-card briefly stating that they are well and have received papers and parcels, or whose letters contain views that have repeatedly been expressed by other correspondents, but show their friends that they are all right :

Private W Pickard


Harrogate Herald - 18th April 1917

W H Breare letter

I had a call from Private W Pickard, son of Mr and Mrs Ernest Pickard, 7 Cheltenham Mount. He returns today (Tuesday). With him are Sergeant Archer, Bilton, and Sergeant Young, of Strawberrydale, likewise Private Fred Martlew. Pickard was in the Terriers before the war, and went out June, 1915. this is his first leave in two years. He has been well all the time, saving a year last Christmas, when he was in hospital with an abscess. You may remember that his cousin Victor was killed on the 3rd September in that memorable push.


Harrogate Herald - 16th May 1917

W H Breare letter

I have had another case brought to me for investigation. It is that of Private William Pickard (West Yorks), who has been wounded. He wrote his parents at 7 Cheltenham Mount, Harrogate, telling them to send his letters, etc., to the battalion, and they would be forwarded. Unfortunately, they have all been returned with the statement that they are unable to trace him. If any of you boys by this paragraph or his photo in our picture page can place him and let his parents know in which hospital he is in, they will be very pleased. Mr Pickard had a serious accident from which he is but slowly recovering, and news of his son could not fail to have a good effect in his present weak state.


Harrogate Herald 8th December 1920

Wednesday Gossip

Bandsman G R Littlewood, of the Seaforth Highlanders, writing from Meerut, India, to Mr W H Breare, says : "Just a few lines in return for your kindness in sending me the Harrogate Herald, which I receive every week; I always look forward to the mail so that I can see what is going on in Harrogate. I have not met any Harrogate boys out here. I forward your paper on to W Pickard, who is at Rawal Pindi, but I have not heard from him for over a month. I daresay all the Harrogate boys will remember him, as he was in the West Yorks, but transferred to the Camerons. I am in the best of health, though we have had a very hot summer. I thank you once again for your kindness in sending me the paper.


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