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Private Joseph Pilkington


Claro Times 20th March 1915

Photos The above are photographs of three Knaresborough brothers and a brother-in-law, all serving in the Forces : Private Alfred Pilkington, who has served 17 years in the Volunteers is now stationed at Patrington, Hull, with the 5th West Yorks; Private Benjamin Pilkington and his brother Arthur Pilkington, of whom we are unable to obtain a photograph, are in the 63rd Manchester Regiment, and are at the Front; Private Joseph Pilkington, 11th Hussars, is also at the Front. With the exception of the first-mentioned, all served in the South African Campaign. Their brother-in-law, Private S E W Haigh, 5th West Yorks, is at Sutton-on-Sea.


Claro Times 20th March 1915

In our picture series this week we reproduce photographs of a number of Knaresborough men who are serving in the Army at home and abroad. Private Alf Pilkington, who is well known in Knaresborough, has served 17 years in the Volunteers, and joined the National Reserve when it was formed several years ago. He is now with the 5th West Yorkshire Regiment stationed at Patrington, Hull, and will probably be drafted abroad shortly, with the Royal Engineers. He was stationed at Redcar when the German fleet bombarded the coast, and was then under shell fire.

His three brothers are at the Front, and all went through the South African campaign. Private Ben Pilkington and Private Arthur Pilkington, both of the 13th Manchester Regiment, as reservists, were called up when the war broke out, and went to France with the first Expeditionary Force. The latter, who was wounded at Ladysmith in the Boer War, has in the present campaign suffered from frost bite, and has been invalided to one of the hospitals in France. A fourth brother, Private Joseph Pilkington, is in the 11th Hussars.

Private Alf Pilkington's brother-in-law, Private S E Wilson Haigh, 5th West Yorkshire Regiment, now stationed at Sutton-on-Sea, Lincolnshire, has volunteered for service abroad. He is a reservist, and has a brother in training at Aldershot.


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