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Ernest Pinkney


Harrogate Herald - 10th January 1917

Roll of Honour

E Pinkney, who, like his other brother, is in the Hussars, has been injured, in France, just below the knee, and brought to a London hospital. E Pinkney is the rugby footballer who rendered yeoman service for the old Harrogate Rugby Club up to it being disbanded. His brother, who is also injured in the knee cap, is at York


Harrogate Herald - 31st January 1917


Bombardier G Easton says : 

I am writing you these few lines to thank you most heartily for sending me your paper, the Herald, whish I have received regularly for the past few weeks. I may say that I have lived in Harrogate this last ten years, and it is very interesting to me and four other Harrogate men in our battery to read about the doings of the old town. I am sorry to hear of the two Pinkneys being injured. I knew them well. I have now been out here eight weeks, and it has been a very wet time up to this week. The mud was knee-deep in places, and we always had wet feet. However, we keep smiling, and now I am glad to say the ground is frozen hard and covered with snow. It is cold but dry, and we all feel much better for the change. There has been some very fierce fighting here a few months ago, and it is heartbreaking to see the damage that has been done. There is nothing left but shell holes and heaps of bricks where villages once stood. Wishing you every success.


Harrogate Herald 13th October 1920

In loving memory of our dear boy, Ernest Pinkney, killed in action October 10th, 1918 From mother, sisters, brother and Nellie.


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