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Wireless Officer Cecil Potts


Harrogate Herald - 28th March 1917

W H Breare letter

This morning a very smart young fellow called in. he was dressed in a sort of naval uniform, which I had not noticed before. On his cap was the letter "M", and on his shoulders a gold waved line. He turned out to be Wireless Operator C Potts, son of Mr & Mrs H Potts, of Mayfield Grove. You will remember him perhaps, when I tell you that he worked before the war for Mr J R Ogden. He has been in London making himself efficient as a Marconi operator. He was on three days' leave, after which he has a fortnight in London, and then he is off to sea. He is quite enthusiastic about his Marconi work, which he finds most engrossing. I sincerely hope good luck will attend him, on the briny particularly. He is in good spirits, and looking forward to his life on the ocean wave with much pleasurable anticipation.


Harrogate Herald - 18th April 1917


C Potts writes from the YMCA, Tottenham Court Road : I am in the pink except for a bit of headache, but what else can one expect when you are pondering over diagrams, books, buzzers, telephones, and about a dozen more things for 9.5 hours a day. In my last letter I told you that I expected being sent to sea, but unfortunately it has been cancelled, and we have to go in for another exam called the 1st Class Postmaster General's Certificate, so that means about another eight weeks' training. I call it jolly hard lines because I wanted to be on the briny chasing "old Fritz" and his submarines. Never mind, my chance will come some day before this war is over. A week last Wednesday I was standing outside the YM, when I saw a medium-sized fellow coming out. I said to myself, "I seem to know that fellow somehow", so I went up to him and spoke, and it turned out to be D Smith, 2nd air mechanic in the RFC, stationed at the Polytechnic in Regent Street, and is down here for seven weeks. We had a good old chat about the "best place in the world" (you know - Harrogate). Before he enlisted he was with Snow and Ashworth's, the jewellers on Cambridge Crescent. [1916 Street Directory shows it as Robert Ashworth & Co Ltd, goldsmiths (managing director R Ashworth : Residence - 16 Carlton Road)] I have no jokes this time, but I had an argument with a fellow about which was the best place for a holiday. Of course I said Harrogate, and he admitted it was a fine place, so in the end he was like the fellow who fell out of the balloon - he wasn't in it. Wishing your paper every success.


Harrogate Herald - 14th November 1917

W H Breare letter

I have not seen Wireless Officer C Potts, son of Mr & Mrs H Potts, since Easter. He looked in on Saturday whilst home on only three days leave. He has been at sea all the time and in perfect health. He is immensely pleased with his work, and his bearing is that of a man of geniality, good humour and determination. He has been on long voyages, and on one occasion whilst in Canada met a Harrogate lady named Mrs Fred Smith, deriving much pleasure from the meeting. It brought him so near home. He had missed his Herald very much, but then he was unable to give me an address, so we could not follow him. We hope to be in better touch with him in the future.


Harrogate Herald - 12th December 1917

W H Breare letter

I have spoken to you of Wireless Operator Cecil Potts, who came in to see me not so very long ago. I do not think I have told you that he is at home now suffering from shell shock. After he called to see me he went to sea again, was torpedoed, and lost all his belongings. I saw him the other day, and was glad to find that he is recovering.


Harrogate Herald - 16th January 1918

War Notes

Wireless Officer C Potts, whose ship, it will be remembered, was torpedoed, has gone to sea again, but opines that if their cargo is the same as he anticipates there will be no torpedoing this time.


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