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Private Pullan


Harrogate Herald - 21st November 1917


Private S Bailes says : 

You have no idea how we appreciate the Herald out here. We are out for four days' rest, and not only myself, but my pals, were dying for something to read when the mail came. Of course there was a rush for it, and I was the only one to get something to read. We could not all read it at once, so we separated the pages and had one each. I got the one with the photos in. I think the photos of my brother and myself are very good indeed. We have several Harrogate lads in out battalion - Private Pullan, of Church Square, and a few more who were all glad of a little home news. We shall soon have good old Christmas here, and I am expecting having mine at home. I am glad to hear George Simpson is getting on favourably. He was a big pal of mine. We had been together from the day we enlisted to him getting wounded.


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