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CQMS Rathke


Harrogate Herald - 21st November 1917


CQMS Rathke writes : 

I must write and thank you for your kindness in sending me parcels of warm underclothing and glove waistcoat, and I must also thank the kind friends that sent them to you; and I am sure that all he local boys and others who are out here will never forget the kindness and comforts you have given them through out this terrible war. I am sure if it had not been for the dear folks at home - that is to say, fathers, mothers, wives, children, and friends - we could never have stood the hardships of the weather, etc. It is a treat to read the news of dear old Harrogate and to know how everything is going on. I am sorry to see the names of so many pals of mine being killed and wounded. Some of them have soldiered with me in the old Volunteers and Territorials since I joined them at the Drill Hall in 1899, and I am sure I feel it very much when I see some of their names appear in your paper. All the Beechwood Boys wish to be remembered to you and wish you the very best of health and every success to your paper.


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