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AB Robert Annakin Raynor


Harrogate Herald - 20th January 1915

Photos - Mr Annakin Rayner (son of Mr Robert Rayner of Franklin Road, Harrogate), and his two sons, Robert A Rayner and Ronald M Rayner. The father will have served in the Royal Navy 21 years next May, having joined at Devonport May 5th, 1894, and is now serving at HM Port War Signal Station, Barry Island, Glamorgan. Robert A Rayner is on HMS Orion, in the North Sea, and his brother Ronald, who is 13 years of age, is in the naval School, London, training for the Navy


Harrogate Herald - 22nd August 1917

W H Breare Letter

I have had a visit from my old friend, Annakin Raynor, who was so many years in the Navy, but is now School Attendance Officer for Harrogate. He brought with him his son, Able Seaman Robert Annakin Raynor. When my young sailor friend was a child the medical attendant told his father that with care he might be reared. Goodness! The picture of health. Robert is on leave for fourteen days, and is due back on board Tuesday, the 28th. It is ten months since I last saw him. As he sat beside his father the two of them looked more like brothers than father and son. I was delighted to hear with what admiration young Raynor spoke of Admiral Beatty. It is nice to know that all men adored him, and that he couldn't put in an appearance anywhere without rousing cheers from he sailors. It seems that every man is not for himself in the Navy, but for one or all of the others. Not one of them knows who he may have to thank for his life some day. Such is combination in the navy. Hence that fine spirit of comradeship and intimate, frank, man-to-man feeling. One hears the question now and again, "What is the Navy doing?". Happily I know much that is done and is doing. Unfortunately, I am not able to tell. I am glad to say those querulous enquirers are very few and far between. The people, the whole people, the people who matter, have no need to ask that question, their faith in our brave sailors is so complete.


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