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Private G A Reed


Harrogate Herald - 11th July 1917

W H Breare letter

I mentioned Private G A Reed last week. He is of 28 Albert Road. Perhaps you will identify him better if I explain that he used to work for Lieutenant Dobson, and was scoutmaster of the YMCA. He saw Lieutenant Dobson only Sunday before last, when he was quite well. The day Reed came on leave he met the Mayor's late chauffeur. Billy Bell he had seen about two months ago. When Reed called his wife waited outside. She wouldn't come in, because she had been so often to me to change her husband's address. I sent the husband out for the wife, and she came in. I am glad, for she is a brave little woman, and we had an interesting chat. Then it was good to see the husband and wife together. Nothing spoken, but an obvious wave of happiness radiating from one to the other. Such mutual affection (the kind that needs no words) makes the world seem very beautiful.


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