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Private W Reynard


Harrogate Herald - 13th February 1918


Acknowledging the Herald, W Reynard says : 

It livens one up to hear a bit of news of the old town. Every time I read it, it brings to me remembrances of the old lads who have laid down their lives for their country, but are far better off where they are, resting in peace. I wish you and the old friends a bright and prosperous New Year. PS - If at any time you see Eric Waters will you remember me to him and tell him I am still sticking it.


Harrogate Herald 29th January 1919

Private W Reynard writes : 

I hope you are in good health, also your wife, as it leaves me in the pink. We are in a decent place at the present, and the people treat us very well; indeed, we are on the Belgium frontier. I hope to back home before long among my townspeople. It is a very dreary life out here. There are a decent number of men going home at present, but of course it is very slow; but we have no need to grumble, we are having a little parade and sports to keep the men fit. I think they want to get rid of many men as soon as they can. Thanking you once again for your papers. It brightens up many a spare hour or two to read about the old town and what is going on. I expect you are kept quite busy with the old lads who have been prisoners. I am glad they have got back into civilisation again. Wishing you and your staff the best wishes for the New Year.


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