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Corporal ? W Richardson


Harrogate Herald - 4th April 1917

Corporal ? W Richardson writes : 

Knowing you are always very pleased to hear from local lads on active service, I am taking the liberty of writing these few lines in one of my leisure moments. I get your paper here quite regularly, my parents being constant readers, and they, of course, pass it on to me. Such papers are about the only thing we have to see how good old Blighty is "carrying on". I used to live on Harlow Moor Drive, but just previous to joining the Army moved to Leeds, where I was employed, but never forgot the good old Harrogate days. I most sincerely hope that it won't be very long before I am I Harrogate again. I joined my present Battalion in January, 1915, and was first billeted in the Beechwood Hotel, which I understand has been re-opened again as a hotel. We were then removed to Dunorlan and afterwards to Raglan School. I was sorry to leave Harrogate, and very distinctly remember the crowds up at the station to bid us goodbye. Still, as I said before, your paper serves as a connecting link (which, by the way, is soon grabbed up by the other Harrogate boys out here). Well, to come to the point. I have had the misfortune to break my wristlet watch, unfortunately beyond repair. Luckily, I escaped practically unhurt myself beyond a bruised wrist. Seeing through the medium of your paper that you have been very good to us chaps out here in every way (and particularly to my Battalion), I venture to suggest that you would be so good as to assist me to obtain another one. My people did send one out about five weeks ago, but as it has not arrived yet I have given it up as a bad job. Most probably it got astray in the post. If you could assist me in this matter I am sure your kindness would be greatly appreciated. Wishing the paper every success.


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