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R J Riley


Harrogate Herald - 19th August 1914

Wednesday Gossip

Leonard Dawson, son of Mr & Mrs H Dawson, and R J [Robert Jamieson ?] Riley, a well-known Harrogate Association football player, have both joined the Regular Army while the war lasts, and are now at York, where several other Harrogate men are stationed.


Harrogate Herald - 14th April 1915

In the photograph of the football team of the 9th Service Battalion, West Yorkshire Regiment, published with this issue, are the brothers R J Riley and T V Riley, sons of Mr and Mrs Riley, of Harrogate, who have been appointed to a second-lieutenancy in the new Army, and posted to the 14th Service Battalion, West Yorkshire Regiment, but prior to joining that unit they had been selected to attend the Cambridge OTC at Pembroke College.


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