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Gunner C E N Robertson


Harrogate Herald - 30th May 1917

W H Breare letter

You remember Mr Douglas Blair. He is of what was the old York City Bank, now, I believe, the London Joint Stock. He joined on Monday the Garrison Artillery, and went that day to Ripon for preliminary training. You all know the George Hotel. Well, Mr Robertson, the manager, has also been called up. He put in his preliminary training as a private in Ripon. He has been moved elsewhere in a draft. Sam Hempsall, tenor, and Mr Willie Hudson, of Hudson Brothers, ironmongers, who are both in the Garrison Artillery, and training at Ripon, have been made bombardiers. Both were in Harrogate last week-end. Mr Hempsall sang the anthem, "Seek ye the Lord", at the Presbyterian Church on Sunday morning, much to the satisfaction of a large congregation.


Harrogate Herald - 16th January 1918

January 9th, to Gunner C E N Robertson, BEF France, and Mrs Robertson, George Hotel, Harrogate, a son.


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