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Arthur Robinson


Harrogate Herald - 24th February 1915

W H Breare letter

The Harrogate boys who are in training at York, in company with their detachment, are to be moved south this week. One step nearer the front, Egypt, or somewhere else. The last location is the only one we are permitted to be sure of. The boys are glad to go. Rogers and Palmer, two of the chaps who enlisted from our works, came in to see me the other day bursting with bully beef and general health. I was glad to hear that their little lot all passed the shooting tests, at the Knaresborough range, in a week. Robinson, who used to help make the blocks for the pictures in the Harrogate Herald, is in the same migratory group, and he is off likewise. "AAJ", who has written those amusing sketches of soldier life in the Harrogate Herald, I fancy, is of the same contingent.


Harrogate Herald - 19th September 1917

W H Breare letter

Private N Rogers, of the West Yorks., has been home on leave and called. He is one of the Herald staff and presided over our Despatch Office. The only other members of the staff with him are John Lee, of the bookbindery, and A Robinson, all the rest having either been wounded or transferred.


Harrogate Herald - 5th December 1917


C W Robinson writes : 

I had the pleasure of meeting two of the Sulphurlanders yesterday - Arthur Robinson, from Montpelier, and Tom Inman, and had quite a long talk together. The weather here is very good considering the time of the year. I have no doubt the people of Harrogate are anxiously looking forward to the day when the war will be finished and what remains of the old boys (and I am sorry to say there will not be so many) return to the old town, never to leave it for such a crisis as this again.


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