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Corporal B Robinson


Harrogate Herald - 17th January 1917


Corporal B Robinson writes : 

Just a few lines to thank you very much for the sleeping helmet and the socks I received the other day. One or two pairs of clean socks are always handy, and well worth the trouble of carrying about. We are out on rest at present, but expect going into the line almost any time now. I was reduced fro Sergeant to Rifleman when I joined the BEF, but I have got two of my stripes back. The -th are in the next village to us. I was up there the other day, and I saw several Harrogate fellows I knew. I also want to thank you for the Heralds, which are reaching me pretty regularly now. I also had an almanack sent out, so I am well supplied with news of home doings. Must close now, wishing you all the best wishes for the New Year.


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