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Corporal H Robinson


Harrogate Herald - 31st October 1917

W H Breare letter

I have had a most interesting visit from Corporal H Robinson, son of Mr & Mrs John Robinson, Harrogate. To identify him I should explain that before the war he was engaged with Messrs Raworth and Co., solicitors. If you have ever been to the Borough Court you will have seen him writing at the table, taking evidence. Another point that may help you to remember him s that he wears gold-rimmed spectacles. He is a gas instructor on the Western Command and is at the same camp as Bombardier Sam Hempsall. Robinson was originally in the Artillery, but later drafted into the infantry. He was passed as an A1 man. According to the surgeon of his company the gas has somewhat affected his heart, so the Army surgeon reduced him to the B category, but he has still to come before a travelling board to have this confirmed. He looks exceedingly well, and being a very intelligent man has gained further knowledge and experience of life in the Army. He cheerfully admits that his training in the Volunteers when they were the VTC helped him immensely. When he joined the Regular forces, men who had acquired previous experience of rifles and training were ordered to stand out. He modestly kept his place in the ranks, but in the preliminary training it was obvious he knew his work and he was very soon promoted. I was interested to know from him that there is no danger from gas if man takes due care. Yet on one occasion in the anti-gas training, near camp, the wind changed suddenly, and he got a slight whiff and had to run for it. Robinson looks exceedingly well and seems very content and happy. It was quite refreshing to find him in such good state of mind and health.


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