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Trooper Gordon Rowling


Harrogate Herald  27th January 1915

Harrogate men who are serving with the colours and are in the Harrogate Herald list to receive papers every week :

Driver Gordon Rowling, 24233, ASF Advance Horse Transport


Harrogate Herald - 3rd February 1915

Trooper Gordon Rowling, writing to Mr Breare, says :

Dear Sir, I now take the pleasure of writing to you, also to several young men in Harrogate, whom I would like to know that I am still in the land of the living and doing as well as cane be expected. (PS. The writer had a serious illness, double pneumonia and pleurisy twelve months before the war broke out). First, I must mention about two months ago we had to retire from --- about two miles, and we were waiting for orders. We had only been there a matter of half-an-hour. Well, the old Kaiser's chum was at work (I mean Samson's armoured train). So he started back with his "Jack Johnson's", but Samson was too sharp for him, but anyhow they were bursting within 30 yards of us, and a piece of shell about four inches long struck my horse on the head. I was very lucky it did not hit me; if it had done I should not be writing this letter tonight. We counter forty shells burst that afternoon, and one poor chap near us got hit with two pieces; one took his knee-cap off and the other struck his elbow. He was in a dreadful condition when I last saw him at Ypres in hospital. On another occasion I was just at the side of ---- with the 3rd Cavalry Division, and we saw a farm on fire, so we went to have a look. We saw a poor woman and a little child not twelve months old dead. It had been done by the baby-killers (Uhlans), but as everyone knows we have to put up with these things, but in the long run the old Kaiser and his men will suffer very heavy. Some of our own boys should be behind him with cold steel and do the same to him. So now I must say, bonnie nuit, from one of the Harrogate boys.

Gordon Rowling


Harrogate Herald - 25th December 1918

W H Breare letter

By the way, I am glad to tell you that Gordon Rowling has recovered sufficiently to get out, though he looks shaky. You will hope with me that he may soon become strong again.


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