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Will Rowntree


Harrogate Herald  17th April 1918

W H Breare letter

The Harrogate Chamber of Trades is doing what it can to carry on one-man businesses and assist others with a part-time service scheme, so that men called up under the new Man-Power Bill may rally to their country's call with as little anxiety as possible. This will set men free from other units to come and assist you boys who are so gallantly striving to arrest the advance of the Hun invaders, which I feel sure will be successful. The Chamber is taking another important matter in hand, and that is to put a stop to the aliens and neutral aliens who are taking advantage of the British traders who have been called to fight their country's battles. Success to their efforts, say I. You all know Will Rowntree, the sign writer. He has been very energetic in this matter. In fact, he wanted to take very drastic measures, but the authorities would not let him. Will has already "done his bit", or at least he volunteered and did his best until sickness overtook him and he was discharged. I guess there would not be many free aliens if he had it his way.


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