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Private Stephen Royce


Harrogate Herald  20th January 1915

The following is a list of members of the Harrogate Cricket Club who have joined some branch of His Majesty's Forces, as referred to by Mr Idle at the last meeting of the Yorkshire Cricket Council : 

A A Alderson, R Alderson, G Alderson, Lieutenant H E Appleyard, Lieutenant O J Addyman, A W Adams, H Blackburn, J Butterworth, J Brassington, B E Brown, H Bush, P J Barker, Dr A L Bastable, Captain A B Boyd-Carpenter, O Bastable, C Chippindale, W Crust, D H Drake, G L Dimmock, Lieutenant W H Brennan, A G Fraser, E H Gomersall, T W Green, A Gofton, W F Gibson, S Holmes, J Houfe, Rev D Hoole, S A Harrison, W Langley, Lieutenant W E L Lapham, Major W F Leader, G H Lamb, C A Mantle, Hon. R Captain Moreton, K L Newstead, Lieutenant R G Raworth, H W Rymer, S Royce, T W L Strother, J M Strother, Captain F H Shaw, G B Simpson, Alex Stott, A A Thomson, G E Topham, W Voakes, Hon E Major Wood, Military Police, K Wesley-Smith.

Total of 51, of which 8 are from the 1st XI


Claro Times - 10th September 1915

Private Stephen Royce, of the West Yorkshires Regiment, son of Mr and Mrs J F Royce, Harrogate, has died in hospital at Le Havre, France, on Friday. His many friends will hear of this with deep regret.

He has been buried in the British portion of the cemetery of St Marie, Havre, the following being present at the funeral on Monday, together with an officer of the regiment : Private H Kirk, Harrogate; Private W Andrews, York; Private W Scaife, York; and Private A Stubbs, York, all of the 5th West Yorks.


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