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Private H Ryder


Harrogate Herald  7th February 1917

W H Breare letter

It is Friday, by the way, and I have just had Private H Ryder in. About three years ago he went out to Canada, and when war broke out travelled home at once and enlisted in the Hussars. he eventually broke his leg, a compound fracture, I believe, and was in hospital nine months. He was then discharged. Private Ryder does not forget his old pals, for he brought me three razors and a helmet to be distributed as I think best. Before he went out to Canada, Ryder worked at the wine merchant's establishment of John Knowles, Parliament Street, and eventually became manager for Mr Storey, who at one time succeeded to the business. To digress a moment, I may tell you that Mr Storey enlisted in the Hussars, went out to the Front, and was eventually invalided out of the service.


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