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Pioneer M J Sanpher


Harrogate Herald - 8th December 1915

Pioneer M J Sanpher writes : 

just a line to thank you for the Herald, which I have received these last two or three weeks from you and been very pleased, as the paper cheers me and my comrades up when we read it in turn. It is very cold out here just now, but I am all right at present. We keep going on and smiling. I must close, hoping you are well, as I am, and wishing you and your paper every success.


Harrogate Herald - 19th December 1917

W H Breare letter

From time to time I have been greatly impressed by the patriotism of those whom I may call the older men. I often see some of those men of the labour companies who are working so strenuously and effectively in France and on other fronts. I have come to regard them with the profoundest admiration, for I know that their work is not unattached by danger, whilst for strenuous toil it cannot be excelled. Those who know least about our labour units may imagine that theirs is a "cushy" job. I know better. Many of these men follow close in the wake of an advance and are often under severe fire. A visit I have had from Pioneer M J Sanpher of a labour company, has done still more to impress me with their patriotism. It was from him I learnt that in September no less than six of his comrades celebrated their 60th year of age. Just imagine it - threescore years. Do they not shame the young men whose patriotism has not risen to the point of sacrifice? Sanpher went out September 21st, 1915, therefore has been out about two years and two months. Another thing his visit reminded me of which might not have occurred to me : I learnt that he has a wife and three children. His wife came with him, and I noticed that she did not look too strong. Her husband told me that she had bad health for some time, and this weighed heavily on his mind whilst away doing his best for our nation. There must be many cases of this kind. I am sure we shall remember them with the utmost sympathy. Sanpher has no Harrogate men with him, but sees some occasionally. I was glad to hear that his company had received a letter of congratulation and thanks for some great service in connection with a push, from General Byng. My visitor has been fortunate insomuch that he has not been ill or wounded. His last leave was twelve months ago. I enjoyed the visit of Pioneer and Mrs Sanpher very much, for he is typical of his race - no show, but all there when wanted.


Harrogate Herald - 27th February 1918

Thanking Mr Breare for the Harrogate Herald, Pioneer M J Sanpher says : 

I appreciate your long letter which you are so kind in putting in every week for the boys to read, as it makes one think of the old town. I hope we that are lucky enough to get through it won't be long before we see old Blighty. We keep sticking it and doing our best to win., which I hope won't be long. I must thank you again Flying Officer you valuable paper and also your staff who have been so kind as to help to do their bit for the boys out here.



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