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Harrogate Herald - 10th April 1918

W H Breare letter

Driver Rex Botting, MT, son of Mr and Mrs T Botting (the father works at Stokes and Peel's), looked in the other day whilst on leave. He has not a Harrogate man, not even a Yorkshireman, with him. About a month ago he met Savage, who used to drive for Mr Herbert Frankling, surgeon, whose name you will at once recognise as that of a very good friend, as he is, indeed, of so many of us. Botting, I pleased to say, brought his wife with him - a clever little woman who has given me a splendid idea. Her husband could not have arrived home when coming on leave without having to stop a night in Leeds but for his wife, who sent to Leeds her bike, and the husband came expeditiously home on that. Now, there is s tip for some of our other Harrogate and district soldiers. Before joining the Army, Botting drove for Dr Thompson, who before the war lived at Beech Lodge, Low Harrogate. The doctor is in the Army now.



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