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Private Ernest Searle


Harrogate Herald - 4th July 1917

W H Breare letter

Whilst at the front, on Sunday morning, I heard news that distressed me. It had just come, and was to the pathetic effect that Ernest Searle, who had been out in East Africa a long time, had been killed. You may remember him - one if the best of Harrogate's young manhood. He started with Messrs John Day and Sons, house agents, as a boy, grew up in the business to fine, intelligent maturity. I lament to say he leaves a wife and three young children. Two are very little boys, the third a baby in arms. We are all so sorry for his nice wife and the little ones. He was impressed with Africa, turning it over in his mind, and considering whether he should not make a career for himself in that far-off land, after the war. Searle and his family have always been on the nicest possible terms with the home circles of his employers. So much so that the wee boys, called Mrs John Day, the mother of Charlie and Alf, granny. By the way, Mrs Day, who is more than 84 years of age, is now in Bridlington, you will remember her, on holiday. She took a voyage to America when 80. on the day she arrived in Bridlington, last week, she was out on the water twice, for she is very fond of the sea. I know poor Searle's death will be a great trouble to her and the rest of the family. I hope the sympathy Mrs Searle receives may lighten the load of grief which has fallen upon her.


Harrogate Herald - 11th July 1917

Roll of Honour

Despatch rider Ernest Searle, of Harrogate, has been killed in action. He was a well-known figure in the ranks of the old Harrogate Rugby Club some years ago, playing at three quarters. Searle was with the Expeditionary Forces in German East Africa, and was killed whilst acting as despatch rider.


Harrogate Herald - 1st August 1917


Private G Slack writes : 

I was sorry to notice the announcement in your last paper about Mr Searle and Mr Horner, as I knew them both well for years. I am sorry for both their wives with each three children to look after. They have something on at this time of unrest. Oh, there is one thing I would like to ask of you. I could make out the address of Mrs King, who gave you the cards for me. If you could oblige me with it I will write her and thank her for them. I have been in the line for a few days and had a pretty warm time. They caught a few of our boys this time. I have had the pleasure of seeing one of the German planes hit with a shell, and it came down on our left. [The address of Mrs King is 48 Unity Grove, Harrogate - Ed.]



Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment)

25th Battalion

Pte Ernest Searle (35266)

Born : Ripon

Enlisted : Harrogate

Residence : Harrogate

Died : 11th June 1917

Killed in Action

East Africa



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