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Private Edward Shipman


Harrogate Herald - 27th January 1915

Private Edward Shipman, of the Motor Ambulance Convoy, writes :

Dear Sir, I have much pleasure in thanking you for so kindly sending me the Harrogate Herald, which is, I'm sure, very interesting to read and to look at the photographs of the lads on active service, many of whom I recognise as old school chums of mine. I've had the pleasure of meeting Reg Humphries, Calvert, also Coggane, and I hope to meet some more, as everybody seems to be out here. For myself, I am very happy, having a decent billet - plenty of good food and warm clothing, and we need it, as the weather is very bad. The roads are worse than I've ever seen, and makes it very difficult to get a car along without doing any damage to it. As for the unfortunate riders; I often feel very, very sorry for them. I am very sorry that we are unable to tell anyone where we are working or what we have seen, but I take it you understand all about that. I must now conclude, again thanking you for your kindness.

With best wishes from, Edward Shipman.


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