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Harrogate Herald - 28th March 1917

W H Breare letter

To my friends the Shipman boys, two of whom are in the navy and two in the Army. Your mother is anxious that I should tell you that she has had an accident, but is going on nicely. She desires me to do this, because letters are so irregular, some, I believe, you do not get at all. The particulars are that during the frost one of the pipes burst in her house. She was endeavouring to stop the leak, when she unfortunately fell on a bucket and broke her ribs. She called to Bandsman Thompson's daughter, to turn the water off, who took your mother into Mrs Thompson's house, where she remained, and was made very comfortable, attended by Dr Bastable, the Thompsons, and a nurse, and is doing well. I am sure you boys will be grateful to all these good people, through whose attention she has got on so well. By the time you read this the plaster bandages will have been removed, and your mother will be all right, so, don't worry. Bandsman Thompson, who is in Egypt, will probably read this, and I am sure be proud of the action of his wife and daughter.


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