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Gunner Herbert Simpson


Harrogate Herald - 2nd January 1918


Gunner Herbert Simpson writes : 

Was sorry to see so many of the Harrogate boys have been wounded and given their lives to the cause. It was a great shock to me to hear of Mr Walter Ogden's death. I used to be stationed hear him for some considerable time, and we used to often meet and talk of the good old times we used to have at Harrogate, and hoped that the war would soon be over so that we could get back home again. The last time I saw him he said they were just pulling out to go south on rest for the winter, so you may guess what a shock it was when I saw his photo and report of his death in the paper. I have not seen many Harrogate men since I came out, but there is one ion the same battery as myself, and the same name too.


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