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Private Percy Skelton


Harrogate Herald - 21st February 1917

Roll of Honour

Private P Skelton, West Yorks, aged 21, eldest son of Mr & Mrs E Skelton, 102 Regent Avenue, High Harrogate, has died of wounds received in action. He went to France on January 7th, was wounded 1st February, and died on the 2nd. He was much esteemed by everyone who knew him. He worked for three years at Mr Ridge's, chemist, and then at "Rayswi" Factory. He joined the Army on July 24th, 1915, at the age of 19.

His mother has received the following letter : 

"Dear Mrs Skelton, I regret very much to have to report the death of your son. I joined the battalion in August last, and I was given command of the platoon of which he was a member. I found him always to be a very good and nice boy. He would have done anything for me, and stuck to me through thick and thin. He was one of the best I had in any command. I was quite near him when he was struck. One bit of a shell went into his throat and another into his head. I am thankful to say he was knocked unconscious at once, and did not suffer much pain. The sight of it made me quiver. He was the first to be wounded in my sight. We were being shelled pretty heavy at the time, but I could not resist from it. I had to go through it, and bandage him at once. I did not think then that he would live, but I can assure you our Red Cross did all in their power for him. They are really a very fine body. You have my very deepest sympathies, and again I assure you everything was done to save your dear son".

I remain, yours sincerely, G F Stuart, Lieutenant.

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