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Private Edward Skinner


Harrogate Herald - 25th April 1917

Roll of Honour

Private Edward Skinner, son of Mr & Mrs Thomas Skinner, 5 Cheltenham Road, Harrogate, was severely wounded on April 10th, having three pieces of shell in his leg, but we are pleased to report that he is going on well. He is now in the 2nd Canadian General Hospital in France. His brother [Private Herbert Skinner] was reported killed a few weeks ago.


Harrogate Herald - 2nd May 1917

Photo page

Private Edward Skinner, Dragoon Guards. Of 5 Cheltenham Road, [Thomas Skinner, 5 Cheltenham Road] Harrogate, was badly wounded on April 10th, and is now in the 2nd Canadian General Hospital.


Harrogate Herald - 9th May 1917

Roll of Honour

Private E Skinner, son of Mr & Mrs Thomas Skinner, 5 Cheltenham Road, whom we reported a fortnight ago had been wounded, referring to the incident in a letter home, says : 

The shell that knocked me out did about five others and all our horses. I was wounded at []-[]-Preux, about five or six miles NE of Arras, on the second day [] advance. Easter Tuesday - nice [] - all the cavalry had gone over [] taken Monchy, and we were all []ted near the cemetery, when [] started and dropped one right in he middle of us. He couldn't have [] a better place than the cemetery. It is a wonder he did not leave [] for good. All our horses were badly wounded. We shot them and [] them to go to the dressing station. [] walked and hopped all the way. I'll never forget it. It took me ten hours to walk it. I thought I should have dropped. I dare not stop. I felt just [] a kid of four, and Fritz sent bags of shells over to hurry me on. When I got to the dressing station I saw a lot of my regiment - about 30 I think. We had a lot of casualties. They put me on a stretcher there, and I haven't been up since. I think I shall be able to get up in a month or so; that is if the wounds don't turn for the worse. I hope not, because I can't stick being waited on in bed. This is a fine hospital - plenty to eat, plenty of everything except cigarettes. They don't issue any. They should give us money while we are here, but they don't. I lost all my kit after leaving hospital in France, so I landed here with nothing - only myself. I landed at Norwich on May Day. I suppose I shall have to stay here until I am cured, as I don't think they move patients about. Of course I don't know whether they can arrange it through a hospital in Harrogate , but then I don't think they will allow me to travel yet. It is no good you worrying about seeing me, as I am all right

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