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Corporal Frank Slade


Claro Times - 13th March 1915

Corporal Frank Slade, a son of Mr R E Slade, of Walcot, Harrogate, [Robert Eustace Slade, Walcot, Alexandra Road] in a letter to his parents, dated March 6th, says : 

"I have had an extremely interesting time. I cannot, of course, divulge what I have seen. However, things are really beginning to move at last, and I have seen some very fine and great sights. This is all a tremendous experience, and I am very proud that I am able to do a little when such momentous events are passing.

The whole system is very wonderful, and if you could but see the column of transport, both horse and mechanical, stretching for miles, you would realise that it is a Herculean task to keep an army well supplied with munitions of war and food. Our army is, without doubt, the best clothed, fed, and looked after force in the world. When I tell you that, amongst our daily allowance, there is a 1lb ration of meat and a 1¼lb ration of bread, besides many other things, you will realise that to feed an army running into a million men in number requires a perfected organisation. And yet, over these awful roads, inches thick in soft mud, these great columns wind with unfailing regularity without a hitch, as if guided by unseen force.

I was very pleased, after my rough crossing, to set foot on land, even if it was French. We took nearly four hours. Still, I am here safe and sound. I was really so ill on the boat that I was afraid I didn't care very much, as far as I am concerned, whether we were sunk or not.

Yesterday, two wounded Germans came in, and through [blank] I had a long talk with them. They had accidentally got into the wrong trench, and were shot by our sentries. On being asked as to who would win, they replied :'That is the great question', and as to when the war would end, their opinion was September.

I am quite happy, and want for nothing, but, of course, a few cigars are always acceptable, and papers, illustrated or daily".


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