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Leonard Slade


Claro Times - 20th February 1915

Much sympathy is felt with Mr and Mrs R E Slade, of Walcot, Alexandra Road, in the sad death of their son Leonard Slade, which took place on Tuesday under distressing circumstances. His body, in a terribly mangled condition, was found on the North-Eastern Railway line at Rigton, near Weeton, having been run over by the Bradford to Harrogate train.

[A VERY long report follows - he was in the Royal Flying Corps]

..............extract at a later date..........get PCopy...........


Harrogate Herald - 24th February 1915

W H Breare letter

Young Slade's death was very sad. He threw himself before a train near Weeton. He was in the Flying Corps, and had been three months at the Front, but was on leave at the time of his death. To him the loss of his brother, some time ago, from pneumonia, was such a shock he never got over it. Then came disturbing experiences in France and Belgium. Our sympathies centre in the mother, for it always she who feels most the pain of an unending grief.


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