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Private A Smith


Harrogate Herald  -  18th April 1917


Private A Smith writes : 

It is with the greatest pleasure that I write these few lines to you, hoping they find you in good health, as they leave me fairly well. As you will see by my new address below they have managed to get me out here again. I am now attached to an entrenching battalion; that is to say, we go out in or near the trenches in working parties at night. I have been with the battalion now about two months, and the work is quite all right at times, but sometimes it gets pretty warm when the Boche starts shelling, but we pretty soon clear out when he does any of his tricks. We were out last night, and our artillery was bombarding the Germans. It was a lovely moonlight night, and it was great to see our shells bursting over his trenches. I'll bet it made him lie down very low. Today is Easter Sunday, and it is a most glorious sunny day and warm. It is the best day we've had since I came out here. I sincerely hope it will continue for a few days. I have just received the Harrogate paper, so I am just going to have a look through it before I go out for a night. I suppose Harrogate will soon be looking well if this weather continues. We are all more or less fed up out here and wish it was all over. PS. I forgot to mention that we are in tents, and it has been terribly cold, but I think the weather has now changed for the best.


Harrogate Herald - 6th June 1917

Roll of Honour

Private Arthur Smith (203111), East Yorks Regt, was reported missing in France, April 23rd. He was previously attached to the Yorkshire Hussars. His mother, Mrs E A Smith, residing at 6 Mornington Terrace, Harrogate, will be glad to receive any information respecting him.


Harrogate Herald - 20th June 1917

Roll of Honour

Amongst others reported missing are Private B Middlewood (WY), of New Park, Harrogate; Private F Hayes; Private A Smith, Mornington Terrace, Harrogate.


Harrogate herald - 1st August 1917

W H Breare letter

Often my office is a figurative place of tears. It was particularly so at the time when news came so regularly of missing Beechwood Boys. You, who have been to see me, know that the window faces due north. Thus I never get natural sunshine within. On Friday morning, however, the room was radiant with all the best of all sunshine mental happiness. It radiated from the smiling face of a good mother, who had come to tell me that, after months of anxiety on behalf of her missing lad, she had that morning received news he was not dead, but a prisoner in Germany. The lady was an old war friend, Mrs A E Smith, of 6 Mornington Terrace. Her son you will recall when I tell you he is Private A Smith, of the East Yorkshire Regiment. I will not say that there were not occasional tears on that happy occasion, but there were tears of joy and thankfulness. She had been to see me before , whilst the lad was missing and no news was forthcoming. I begged her to have faith, and to refuse to believe that her son was dead. I asked her this morning if she had still remained in that faith, and she was able to answer me, "Yes!". I could only reply : "You see, your faith has been rewarded". Isn't it jolly, though!. Smith was taken prisoner early in April, and yet at this late date the glad news came through.


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