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Private C E Smith


Harrogate Herald - 24th November 1915

Private C E Smith says : 

13th November 1915. I now take the opportunity to thank you for the Herald, which I received yesterday (Friday). Very pleased to receive it, as the paper cheers us up out here when we are able to read a little about Harrogate. Well, we had a little bit of bad luck three days ago. The Germans put three shell through our dressing station and brought it to the ground, wounding two officers and one private, who died the next day. Those are the first men we have lost since we landed in France. Well, Sir, I have not been in the trenches since the last attack. I will now conclude. Wishing you and your paper the best of luck.


Harrogate Herald - 15th December 1915

Private C E Smith, Royal Army Medical Corps, says : 

Many thanks for the Herald, which I received quite safely each week. You know it pleases us very much to read a little local news. Well, Sir, we have been having a pretty rough time this last fortnight. The Germans have been giving us a pretty good strafing. Three days ago the Germans started about six o'clock in the morning and continued until about 5 o'clock in the evening, but I am pleased to say the majority of the shells never exploded. The weather is nothing great out here. We are getting plenty of rain, and it is very misty. It makes it very hard for us going about the trenches, which are in a very bad state, plenty of water and mud. That does not bother us now, however, as we have got trench boots; they fit right to the top of our legs. Am very pleased to say that we expect coming out of the trenches on Sunday., which delights us more when we know that we are going to have a few days to ourselves away from the shells. I will now conclude. Wishing you and your paper the best of luck.


Harrogate Herald - 30th November 1921

Memorial tablet in porch of the Dragon Road Methodist Church : Full article at War Memorials

The following names appear after the 15 names of those killed.

These are the names of members of the church who fought in the war, and returned :

A H Annakin, A B Annakin, R H Auton, E R Barf, T Barker, W Benson, W Blakey, A G Bolton, C Brown, O Chippindale, J Crossley, D Cuthbert, C R [H ?] Dawson, W Featherstone, H Foxald, P Gale, H Grant, J P Grant, T Grant, J H Halstead, R Halstead, H Hevysides, E G Hodges, E Horn (Sapper), E Horn (Trooper), G W Holland, A E Houseman, G Hood, C H Hunter, G Ince, J Ince, F Ingleson, B Joy, J W P Joy, H H King, E Long, F Lyon, H Mann, H Midgeley, R Middleton, S M Mitchell, F R Mitchell, H Naylor, H Newport, A E Pearson, H C Pilsworth, W Preston, F V Preston, C E Preston, R Rayner, B M Rayner, H A Robinson, J Robinson, E Robinson, G F Roberts, G Rowling, G Scales, H Shepherd, J G Shepherd, C E Smith, J W Suggitt, J Summerscales, J Sunderland, B A Town, N Town, G Thackway, A Ward, H Ward, F Weighill, W A Whittaker, W Waddington, V Younger.


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