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Gunner George Smith


Harrogate Herald - 21st July 1915

We reproduce today the photo of Gunner George Smith, late groom to Mr Rushworth, Pannal Ash, Harrogate, showing him mounted on his section officer's pony. The photo, which was taken "somewhere in Flanders", shows him and the pony looking a good deal cleaner for the occasion than it had been his luck to be for some time. Gunner Smith, like many out there, has seen much service in this war. He went out with his Battery on August 17th, 1914, and he has been in the thick of it ever since. Amongst much hard fighting this gunner has the ordeal of the following battles to his credit : Mons, Le Cateau, the Marne River, the Aisne, Givonby, and Messines, and all the fighting in the Ypres salient since Hill 60 was attacked. He hopes shortly to get some leave to England to tell his friends of his adventures. Although leave seems a long time coming, yet never a grumble is heard in the battery. The life out there, he says, suits him admirably, and a healthier life could scarcely be imagined with just the touch of excitement which keeps men fitter than ever provided there are not too many touches. So his message to youths of Harrogate, whence Smith comes, is one of appeal to a thoroughly enjoyable life in France or Flanders, with an added pleasure given by a sense of duty fulfilled.


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