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Private Horace D V Smith


Harrogate Herald - 21st November 1917

War Notes

Private Horace D V Smith, formerly of Shaw Mills, whose death while on military service in Salonica we announced last week, was home for six days leave in February, and arrived in Salonica in March. During the summer he had fever, says the Hebden Bridge Times, and though a man of strong, well-built physique, he never really regained his full strength, and was thus not prepared to resist the dysentery which later attacked him. Although he returned to duty, and sent home messages meant to reassure his wife and family, he had to admit that he was sometimes far from well after the earlier sickness. He served in the motor transport of the Army Service Corps, and his work was that of Army chauffeur for a colonel and his staff, who were most considerate to him when he was down with fever. A man of engaging personality, he won their regard just as he won that of Messrs Hoyle and the members of their family at Old Town. He also had the pleasure, while on service in the East, of resuming the friendship of an old acquaintance. Besides being Mr Hoyle's chauffeur, Private Smith was of valuable assistance when Messrs James Hoyle and Sons adopted motor traction. He was interested in his work, thorough and earnest in all he undertook, and was a man who expressed his views candidly and honestly. Photography was his favourite hobby. he took a keen and intelligent interest in national and local affairs, and the trend of his life showed a desire to be progressive, and helpful to others. Remembering this trait and his straightforwardness, we are sure the widow and little daughter, and the mother and aunt, will have the helpful sympathy of all in their heavy loss.


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