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Sapper Joe Smith


Harrogate Herald - 29th December 1915

Writing to Alderman Binns, Patsy Donovan, the well-known athlete, who is with the Royal Engineers in France, says : 

Just a line, hoping you are in the best of health, as I am pleased to say I am in the pink at present. Well, I have not much to tell you about the war. I daresay you get to know more about it at home than we do out here. I hope you will spend Christmas well, and have a prosperous New Year. We have had plenty to do out here repairing trenches and barbed wire entanglements, but the weather has been terrible these last three months. I have had another job this last fortnight. I am attached to the military police, and I get all over the place, as I am pretty well always on duty. Fancy me being a policeman! Well, Mr Binns, I am pleased to see by the Herald that the Harrogate men are responding to the call of King and country. I believe every young man in England would join up if they only saw half the things I have seen out here - the ruins of beautiful churches and people's dwellings. I have only one Harrogate man out here, and he is in my company - Sapper Joe Smith. He has the Herald sent to him every week, I believe, by Mr Breare, whose notes are very interesting reading to me, also the photos. I often see several old friends. Well sir, I think I must now come to a close, hoping that you are in the same good health as myself, and wishing you and all the Harrogate people that are not able to come out here a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

PS. The heavy guns are going it strong tonight whilst I am writing this.


Harrogate Herald - 30th May 1917


Pioneer H Daniel says : 

I have received the safety razor in good condition, and written Mrs Murray to thank her for it. I got your letter and Driver G Beer's address, and wrote him tonight. There are two Harrogate men billeted next camp to us - Sapper J Smith and Patsy Donovan, but I hard that Donovan has gone done to the base with a fractured arm. Thanking you again for what you have done for me, and wishing you and the Herald every success.


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