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William Smith


Harrogate Herald - 24th January1 1917


Private Will Smith writes : 

Just a few lines to let you know my present address. If you will forward your valuable paper to me I shall be much obliged. I am sorry to see that so many of my pals have been killed and wounded, including Second Lieutenant D S Bell VC (killed), Herbert Timmins (wounded), etc. I am looking forward with eager desire to the papers being forwarded onto me from Egypt. I wish I was back in Egypt now. It is far better than this place, as others have told you. Do you know any Harrogate lads in Salonica? If so, would you kindly let me know through your paper, as I would like to see some if I can? Wishing you and your very valuable paper every success.


Harrogate Herald 29th January 1919

William Smith writing from Salonica, says : 

I have never been home since I came abroad, but I will call in and see you when I land in dear old Sulphurland. My brother, I see, has had the pleasure recently of being at home for a bit and called to see you. How fortunate some people are. Being on records, I am continually coming across chaps from Harrogate, but I don't know them all, and they are situated too far away for me to see them. Harold Garside and Cecil Bennett are the nearest to me, being in the same unit. Jubb, from somewhere at the top of King's Road, is also here.


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