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Sergeant F B Spicer


Harrogate Herald - 21st February 1917

W H Breare

I had an interesting visit from an Australian soldier, Sergeant F B Spicer, who called to see me whilst on leave in Harrogate, the first he has had in 21 months' service. Spicer is a typical Australian, strong, self-contained, and showing no trace of the strenuous experience in Gallipoli and later work in France and on the Somme. He is an artificer in the horse transport. It was good to be under the influence of his buoyant optimism. Many of you lads know very well my friend, Kitching, the well-known cornet soloist of the North. Kitching is serving his country in France, and Spicer is a very old friend of his.


Harrogate Herald - 10th October 1917

W H Breare letter

Will Sergeant Spicer, of the 5th Australian Field Ambulance, send me his address? I have some music for him, and want to put him on the list to receive the Herald every week.


Harrogate Herald - 2nd January 1918


F B Spicer writes : 

I am writing to wish you and yours the very best wishes for the festive season and New Year, at the same tome to again thank you for the splendid lot of music that you sent along to me; it has been fully appreciated both by myself and he rest of the boys. I must also thank you for the Harrogate papers received. It cheers one up to read some of the home news first hand. I have several friends who come from Leeds to whom I am able to hand the papers to, after having perused them myself, and needless to say they also appreciate them. I notice with interest your letters to the boys published in the Herald. It is, indeed, fine for the lads to receive so much good home news, and also to know that the home people are working so hard for their interests.


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