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Able Seaman George Stephenson 


Harrogate Herald - 7th March 1917

W H Breare letter

I have just sent my jolly tar friend G Stephenson a parcel of gramophone records. I had been waiting to collect more, when Mrs Cockerham kindly sent me a nice collection, which just completed the parcel. I hope, friend Stephenson, that you and your breezy mates will enjoy them.


Harrogate Herald - 20th June 1917

W H Breare letter

Torpedoman G Stephenson looked in on me on Monday, having arrived home on leave Sunday. He has sailed far since he was last home in February, and seen much; amongst other things he came across the American destroyers on their way here. His brother Tom Stephenson is "with him" at sea, so to speak, but they are so situated they cannot meet or see each other. Tom is in a submarine and George is not. See?

I was remarking what a pity our submarines cannot fight U-boats. Stephenson told me that on one occasion a U-boat tried to get a sugar ship, but was sunk by an E-boat.


Harrogate Herald - 25th July 1917

W H Breare letter

With Ushaw came Able Seaman T Fletcher, who was having leave. His last jaunt home was eighteen months ago. He is on ten days' leave, and has been 5 years in the Navy. He is a brother of Miss Mary Fletcher, 19 Belmont Avenue. Fletcher saw George Stephenson some time ago, but he had not seen Tom for three years. Fletcher would like his friends to know that he is well. He made enquiries of me for the address of Dawson, of Oatlands, who is somewhere in the navy. I was not able to tell him, but perhaps Dawson will let me know, and Fletcher will find out his address from the Herald. Darrall Macklin, he told me, was an officer's steward. Macklin's father was at one time caretaker of the Liberal Club, Harrogate. I had seen Fletcher before, and was glad to renew our friendship.


Harrogate Herald - 19th September 1917

W H Breare letter

Next came my regular visitor : 

AB Torpedoman G Stephenson. I saw him a week ago today in the latter part of the afternoon just after I had received intimation from the works, "No more room in this week's Herald". As is usual with the silent Navy, Stephenson had little to tell me. I did not ask him how he was. I could see for myself. He had just been to see Dr Ward, senior, who persuaded Stephenson's father to let him join the Navy. Stephenson, when on leave, always go to see the venerable doctor, who, by the way, still rides his bicycle.


Harrogate Herald - 13th March 1918

Breare Letter

I had a visit the other day from two jolly tars, namely - Torpedomen G Stephenson and G Gatty. They are shipmates, and being on leave looked in. they are fine chaps, and I was glad to see them. Gatty's home is in London, but he was visiting Stephenson's people. I mentioned in the Gossip last week that a sailor had lost 3 10s in notes and his leave pass. He had not recovered them when he returned to his ship. I hope he will do so.


Harrogate Herald 27th October 1920

Wednesday Gossip

George Stephenson, son of Mr and Mrs Fred Stephenson, of Harrogate, gave me a call yesterday morning, having just returned from Hong Kong. He has had a unique experience, having made a voyage of 12,000 miles in a submarine. He is expecting to be demobilised soon. Noble, the sailor, who lives at Bilton, was returning at the same time, but got left behind at Port Said, and will arrive at Harrogate later.


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