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F Stringfellow


Harrogate Herald 16th January 1918

W H Breare letter

In reply to F Stringfellow's request for confirmation that there is such a person as the Bishop of Knaresborough we cannot answer as he suggested. His friend can take it from me, however, that there is such a Bishop, for we have reported his sermons frequently. He is Dr Lucius Smith, and acts as Suffragan Bishop to the Bishop of Ripon. He conducted confirmations in Harrogate last year.


Harrogate Herald - 2nd January 1918


Acknowledging the Herald, F Stringfellow says : 

It is very nice to know what is going on at home and read the letters from other boys who are out here. I am fortunate in having another Harrogate fellow along with me - Walter Fawcett, of Grove Road - so you can guess we often talk of the old town and the passing events as we read them each week in the Herald. We passed another Harrogate lad the other day when we were on the move - Harry Smith, RGA, of Grove Park Road; had a few passing words. He said he had just returned from leave. We have passed through many ruined villages and towns in our travels, and had some exciting and also interesting experiences. We are having real Christmas weather just now; very keen frosts, and about six inches of snow on the ground. Regret to see so many Harrogate boys in the casualty lists, but hope the New Year will soon see an end to it.


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