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Staff Sergeant Harold Styan


Harrogate Herald 1st December 1915


There is a young soldier whose career is quite interesting. I dare say you know him. He is Staff Sergeant Instructor Harold Styan, Army Gymnastic Staff, attached to the 3rd Duke of Wellington's. He is the youngest son of Mr and Mrs Styan, of Providence Terrace, Harrogate. He was employed at the Grand Opera House at the commencement of his athletic training. This he commenced at the age of 13, and made his first appearance in public at 16. he appeared, first, at entertainments around Harrogate, and then went on to the music hall stage. He travelled the country with Mademoiselle La Dores' combination. He has appeared at many of the leading London halls. At the outbreak of the war he returned to Harrogate, and enlisted in the 1st West Yorks, and gained promotion from his knowledge of physical drill. He went to Aldershot to study Swedish gymnastics, where he qualified, and was then taken on the staff of instructors, a position in which he is now serving. He is attached to a battalion until it is trained, and then on to another. He is only 20 years of age, and I should fancy the youngest on the staff. He has received a testimonial from Captain Milnes, of the Royal Army Medical Corps, for his treatment and massaging of the wounded. We shall be giving a photograph of Styan, if not in today's Herald, soon after. It shows remarkable physical development.

[ Note : I personally knew Harold Styan as he lived just a few doors away from me when I lived in West End Avenue, Harrogate. If anybody wishes some of my personal recollections of him then please get in contact. ]



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