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Private William Surr


Claro Times 6th March 1915

Photos Private W Surr, Chapel Street, Knaresborough, and Private Thomas Carass, of Hilton Lane, Knaresborough, who are chums in the King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry. Both are in France, the former in a base hospital, owing to exposure.


Claro Times 6th March 1915

In our picture series are photographs of Private Thomas Carass, brother of Mr A Carass, of the Lord Nelson Inn, Knaresborough, and Private W Surr, son of Mr William Surr, Chapel Street, Knaresborough. Both are in the King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry and are in France.

Private Surr joined the Army in July, and is now in the trenches, but Private Carass has been in the Army about two years. He went to France in the early stages of the war, and suffered considerably through frost and wet whilst he was in the trenches. As a result of the effects of exposure, he has been in the base hospital for some time.

Writing to his Aunt, at the Lord Nelson Inn, Hilton Lane, Knaresborough, he says : "You know I am not dead yet. I am still doing a bit for my country, so please write just to remind me of good old Knaresborough. I don't think the war will last long. Another five months should see the end. So good-bye to all. PS Don't put stamp on letter. It will find me without.


Harrogate Herald - 16th January 1918

Roll of Honour

A War Office intimation has been received by Mr and Mrs W Surr, Kirkgate, Knaresborough, of their eldest son, Private William Surr (King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry), having died from wounds received in action on December 10th. Private Surr was 23 years of age and joined the Regular Army just previous to the outbreak of war, and had three and a half years service in. he went to the Front in September, 1914, and was in the battle for Hill 60 and other engagements.


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