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Sergeant Tattersfield


Harrogate Herald - 27th February 1918

Sergeant S B Moore writes : 

You must please accept my heartiest congratulations on your success in bringing about the change of name for our beautiful concert hall. It is certainly a very appropriate name, and reflects great credit on the people of Harrogate, for, by erasing the German name Kursaal, they have removed a contaminating attain from Harrogate's principal house of entertainment. If you remember, three of my pals compiled an article on the German name Kursaal, which you were kind enough to publish in the second week of September, 1917. of course, you will know that one of the quartette was killed in the Passchendaele stunt, who was none other than Sergeant Calverley. It is quite unnecessary for me to inform you how keenly we feel our great loss, as Jim [Calverley] was one of the best. I quite forgot to mention the fact that another Sergeant of the quartette was wounded in the same stunt, Sergeant Tattersfield, and is at present in a hospital somewhere in Blighty, and from reliable information recently received he is progressing quite favourably.


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