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Bandsman C Thompson


Harrogate Herald - 7th March 1917

W H Breare letter

I have sent Bandmaster Thompson, who is in Egypt, some paper and envelopes. I will tell you the reason. I got a letter from his wife the other day giving me news of her husband, and she told me he was only allowed one envelope a week. Hornsey and I immediately set about arranging a parcel of notepaper for him, and off it went. I am sorry to say that Thompson's wife has been ill since October. She had a relapse on Friday of last week, and her daughter was obliged to give up the work she was engaged in to attend to her. Under her care, I hope Mrs Thompson will soon recover. 


Harrogate Herald - 28th March 1917

W H Breare letter

To my friends the Shipman boys, two of whom are in the navy and two in the Army. Your mother is anxious that I should tell you that she has had an accident, but is going on nicely. She desires me to do this, because letters are so irregular, some, I believe, you do not get at all. The particulars are that during the frost one of the pipes burst in her house. She was endeavouring to stop the leak, when she unfortunately fell on a bucket and broke her ribs. She called to Bandsman Thompson's daughter, to turn the water off, who took your mother into Mrs Thompson's house, where she remained, and was made very comfortable, attended by Dr Bastable, the Thompsons, and a nurse, and is doing well. I am sure you boys will be grateful to all these good people, through whose attention she has got on so well. By the time you read this the plaster bandages will have been removed, and your mother will be all right, so, don't worry. Bandsman Thompson, who is in Egypt, will probably read this, and I am sure be proud of the action of his wife and daughter.


Harrogate Herald - 18th April 1917


A W Todd writes from Egypt : 

I have only lost two papers this year, which I consider a fair percentage to say the number of mail boats which have been sunk coming out this way. I see by this week's paper how you are fixed with regards to your paper supply, and am asking you to strike me off your list, as I can join with Bandsman Thompson, who is with our unit and who gets the Herald every week. Again thanking you and the various donors who are doing so much for the comfort of the lads who are trying to do their bit.


Harrogate Herald - 25th April 1917


Bugler W H Kirk writes from Egypt : 

Your paper of March 7th, which I received on March 25th, brought me sad news of the death of my old friend Frank Learoyd, of Staveley, and my sympathy is with his wife and family. I can quite understand you being surprised at Frank joining up, for as you say he was over military age. Like myself and a good many more. he answered the call from the National Reserve Club, for they all had a soldier's spirit and wanted to be at it, and I feel sure if I have the luck to get home I shall miss many a smiling face like Frank's, for he was always cheerful. We enlisted together, and then lost one another for some months, than I saw him again at York. How he wished I was with his old crowd, or mob as a soldier calls his regiment. I see you mention about a shortage of paper, and I wish to tell you that you can discontinue sending me one, as I know you send Bandsman Thompson one every week, and I can always have it passed on to me, for I think it is our duty to save you as much as we can, for you have been kindness itself to us boys. We are all envious to see the dear old Harrogate paper, but we shall never mind if we have to wait a day or two longer. It is generally three weeks old when I get it, and if it is three weeks and two days in future I shall not grumble, for it is better late than never. I saw in your letter you asked boys to speak first for several little things you have. I am going to speak, but I shall nor be first, I know, as my letter will take much longer to reach you than one from France. If you have a safety razor on your hands and you could send it this way I should be delighted with it, as I have got tired of cutting bits off my face with an ordinary razor. Trusting you are in the best of health.


Harrogate Herald - 2nd May 1917

Wednesday Gossip

Among the articles despatched to soldiers at the Front this week are a football to Rifleman H Blackburn; body cord to Bandsman Thompson; razor strop and case to T Ellis; 42 pairs of socks to Lieutenant Colonel J Walker, DSO, in France; mouth organ to Private R H Oram; Pathe records to a ship's company in the Mediterranean.


Harrogate Herald - 13th June 1917

W H Breare letter

Bandsman C Thompson is in Egypt. I think he and others will be interested to hear that his son, S Thompson has enlisted, and has joined the Army Veterinary Corps. He has only been in the Army a week, but is now come on six days' leave. he came in to see me looking fit and well satisfied. I am sure the father will be proud to know that his son became a soldier of the King as soon as age would permit.


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