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Private J Tilford


Harrogate Herald - 29th December 1915

Harrogate and District men who are serving with the Colours at the Front and are on the list to receive papers every week.

Driver J Tilford, 81095, Royal Field Artillery, 5th Division Ammunition Column, HQ, BEF, France

Lance Corporal F Tilford, 20726, Royal Engineers, 55th Company, BEF, France


Harrogate Herald - 29th December 1915

W H Breare letter

I had Driver J Tilford, Royal Field Artillery, in to see me on Thursday. He has not met a Harrogate man since he went out, yet he has been twelve months at the Front. On Thursday he was enjoying leave and came in with his married sister to have a few words with me. Some time ago Tilford, who is musical, asked for some familiar songs to be sent out to him. A good lady sent him a parcel, but unfortunately the address was not complete, and the music was returned to her. He came to ask about it on Thursday, and I was able to hand it over to him. The lady will be pleased that I have succeeded at last in placing it in his possession. Previously to joining the Army, J Tilford was a stoker on a Wilson liner. He had a brother, Lance Corporal F Tilford, Royal Engineers, who has been out 14 months. The latter is a Regular, and was called up when the war broke out all the way from South Africa. Private S Carter is a brother-in-law of the Tilfords, and before the war was employed on the NE Railway. He, too, has been out a considerable time.


Harrogate Herald - 24th January 1917

The following are men who have sent us the Army post-card briefly stating that they are well and have received papers and parcels, or whose letters contain views that have repeatedly been expressed by other correspondents, but show their friends that they are all right :

Private J Tilford


Harrogate Herald - 30th January 1918


Driver J Tilford writes : 

You will think I have been lost or something, but I have been changed from different companies so much that I was tired of changing my address. I was at Harrogate last July, but sorry to say I had only a few hours there when I had to go back. I was coming to see you, but you would not be in, as it was rather early, so I made my way to the lady who sent me the song books. I was sorry I could not stay a little longer, but duty comes before pleasure. I think in Blighty you have a meatless day; well, here is something to digest it with :

"If once a week we can't have meat,

It's rather strange to say;

As we must eat, and can't get meat,

Then we must live on hay."


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