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Private C Travill


Harrogate Herald - 24th November 1915

Private C Travill says :

Often I have contemplated penning you a few lines, and at last the said contemplation has partly materialised, for a pencil must do the needful in the absence of fountain or other pens. I am indeed pleased to note the doings of the old town each week, and your interesting letter seems to have a personal note, for we glean news which otherwise we should Miss. The loss of so many Harrogatonians is indeed sad, and to the loved ones at home, bereaved and robbed of husbands and sons, the war will never be over. The sacrifice of the soldier is great, but the sacrifice of wife and mother or sweetheart is infinitely greater. The hours of anxious care and the weeks and months of loneliness are a sacrifice. Aye, the khaki-clad have something to be proud of in their women folks' courage and self-denial. War - what is it? Indeed, a large question. Of one thing we know - suffering predominates; but we as Englishmen are out for honour and justice, and what is more, the world will know that an honourable nation and empire is waging war against the doctrine of "Might is right and militarism". The weather here is winter - rain and wind. The past few days has seen us in the snow and hail, so you will understand that our life in the bell tent is none too cheerful and homely, but we are all veritable "Mark Tapley's", making the most of things and circumstances, and doing out utmost to keep smiling. At the mention of weather and our efforts to weather the same, I wonder whether all those nice woollens will have been depleted that Miss Spencer has so kindly offered to us - the khaki clad. Such comforts will be appreciated these coming cold weeks and months by us from Harrogate, and I for one would be greatly pleased with such a generous gift. The following address will find me : Private C Travill, S/4058868, 15th Field Bakery, APO4, British Expeditionary Force, France. In conclusion, I trust that your health is of the very best, and that the Herald may still continue to interest and enlighten Harrogatonians and others both at home and abroad, and that its circulation will still be on the up grade.


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