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W Travill


Harrogate Herald - 7th February 1917


W Travill, writing to Mrs Rawson Kelly, says : 

I am writing to thank you most kindly for the helmet that you were good enough to send me, which I received on January 19th. The delay was owing to me being detached from the column for almost a fortnight with the lorry, but it was waiting for me when I got back that night. The following night, after having been in bed, which is in the lorry, for about an hour, we were called up to go out, for reasons which I cannot say here, so I put it into action straightway and had it on till we returned about 5pm, and I am sure its value was fully proved in that time, and I may say I have worn it every day since, as we have had 19 degrees of frost, which, you know, bites one's ears. I have not had time to write to Mr Breare to tell him I got it safely, but might I trouble you to do so for me some time when convenient. Again thanking you.


Harrogate Herald - 13th March 1918

Breare Letter

Mrs Hatcliffe has two sons and two sons-in-law fighting. The eldest son is Private William Hatcliffe, Army Service Corps, the second Private H G C Hatcliffe, Legion of Frontiersmen, from British East Africa. One brother-in-law is Private J Meadows, who used to work at Hales', wine merchant, formerly of British East Africa, now of France. George Lamb, Royal Garrison Artillery, who has been wounded, has now gone back. Private William Hatcliffe called to see me on Friday and gave me this interesting news. He had seen Jack Wood, who used to drive for Dr Bertram Watson, and Walter Travel, who drove a char-a-banc for the North Eastern Railway. These boys are on the same column. He had also seen Clarence Oddy.


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