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Private Harry Usher


Harrogate Herald - 3rd January 1917


Signaller H F F Clayton writes : 

Dear Mr Breare, At last I find time to write to you and thank you for kindly sending me the Harrogate Herald. I have been trying this past week to write to you, but have had to keep putting it off owing to having lamp parades to attend at night, and a large amount of correspondence to write to Australia. I am sure that all the boys must appreciate your great kindness in forwarding them a paper each week. I know how it is to receive a bit of news of the old town, when one is far away from it, for I was always delighted to see a Herald or Advertiser in Australia. On my recent visit to Harrogate I felt lost, through not meeting any of my boyhood pals. All gone to France, which speaks very well for the old town. One of the old boys whom I would have greatly liked to have met and from whom I often hear Harrogate news, was one well-known to you, as he has been in your employ since he left school. I refer to Gilbert Blacker. Many a happy hour we spent at school together under that excellent master, the late Mr Hammond. I was fortunate enough to meet one old friend, one of Harrogate's DCM's, Private Harry Usher. This last week I had a very pleasant surprise, by receiving a parcel from the committee of the United Methodist Church, and would be very grateful if you would publish that I am very grateful and deeply appreciate the kindness of the committee in remembering me after so many years of absence. The boys in the same company as me are very anxious to get back to a bit of sunshine, but they all want to see what Berlin is like before going back, and are quite content to suffer the cold and frosts, in hopes of seeing the land of the Huns transferred to a honourable government. Thanking you once more for your kindness in sending me the paper, and wishing you a happy Xmas, but a far brighter, happier, and peaceful New Year.


Harrogate Herald 3rd January 1917

Photo Page

The Grand Duchess distributes presents from Xmas tree

Left to right : Mr Haserick, Mr J E A Titley, Princess Xenia, the Grand Duchess George of Russia, and three Harrogate wounded in hospital Corporal Johnson Mathers, Private F Pennington, Private H Usher, DCM


Harrogate Herald - 3rd October 1917

W H Breare letter

I haven't seen any of the Petty boys for some time. The other day Driver Harry Petty called, and I was able to hear something of his brothers. You know Harry is the son of Mr & Mrs J R Petty, of 21 Nidd Vale Terrace; the father of an old Volunteer and a good rifle shot up to advanced years. Petty had seen Dr Dimmock's chauffeur, but he couldn't for the life of him remember his name. Petty has been in touch with his brother Ellis for about seven months, so this has been pleasant for him. Ellis Petty is with Ernest Usher, commonly called Dick, son of Mr J Usher, and brother of Harry Usher, the DCM winner. Ernest has received a commission in the Heavy Machine Gun Corps, which includes the Tanks. George Petty, the quarter-master, is at Whitley's; he, you may know, has been wounded. Fred is at Sunderland, wounded and unfit. Dick has joined his old battalion, the 10th; John is in St Nicholas Hospital, Harrogate; Harry is the fourth son. This completes the fine record of the family's service.


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