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Lieutenant Colonel J Valentine


Harrogate Herald - 29th August 1917

Lieutenant Colonel J Valentine, Distinguished Service Order, who has died in hospital at Kieff after an operation, was one of the United Kingdom's best known flying men in pre-war days. "Jimmy", as he was known to his intimates, had made flights - some of them notably long ones - on roughly fifty different designs of aeroplanes. He took part in the race round Great Britain won by Beaumont. "What sort of game is flying?" a "Glasgow Herald" man once asked him. "it is", he said in his deliberate way, "the kind of game in which you get your neck broken if you stay long enough in it". Yet the redoubtable flying man himself has died in bed.



Royal Flying Corps

Capt (T/Major) James Valentine DSO

Died 7th August 1917

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