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Private D G Wake


Harrogate Herald - 2nd May 1917

W H Breare letter

To Private Rex Botting : 

Private D G Wake would like your address. If you send it to the Herald Office, Harrogate, I will forward.


Still going strong : 

So says Private D G Wake, of the Lewis Gun Section, in a letter to Mr W H Breare thanking him for the Herald. I said in my last letter to you, he writes, it has been the source of many hour's enjoyment for me. We are still going strong somewhere in France. I have been out of the trenches about a week, but we are expecting being moved back again any time. However, it is not so bad in the shell holes just now, seeing that the weather is fairly decent. By the way, could you get me the address of Private Rex Botting, as I should like to write to him. Hoping it will be no trouble to you, and wishing you paper every success.


Harrogate Herald - 9th May 1917


Acknowledging the Herald, Private D G Wake says : 

I look forward to it as much because it lets us know all the news of our own town and not so much of the war. We see quite enough of the latter. Well, Sir, things out here are very busy. The Germans seem about done. I think it is only a matter of a few weeks. Let us hope I am right. I am still out of the trenches and have been so about a fortnight. My home this time is a broken-down stable, but my pals and I have made it quite comfortable; in fact, I am sure all of us don't mind if we stay another fortnight, but I am afraid that would not help to win the war. We must all do our share even if it is only a small one. As I sit her in the stable, the sun is streaming through what was once the doorway, and the birds are singing. It makes my mind wonder what Blighty is like just now; also to think what I should have been doing had I been there. Well, I suppose I shall have the pleasure of another summer in Harrogate, all being well. By the way, could you send me a razor - that is, if it is not too big a favour. Mine is done. You see, I have had it ever since the war started, and it has been knocked about so much.

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