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Private Washer


Harrogate Herald - 2nd May 1917

Chats with the Wounded

Private Washer, of the Royal Dublin Fusiliers, is in the Grove House Hospital with a gun shot wound in the arm. He was in the trenches in the vicinity of Kemmel, when the Germans opened enfilading fire with machine guns. The bullet lodged in the arm, but after three operations it has now been removed. This is the fourth time that Private Washer has been wounded. The first occasion was at the Dardanelles, when he was on the Achi Baba side during he Suvla Bay landing. On the Peninsula he came under the eye of a sniper. The bullet hit him in the back over a trouser button into his body as far as his backbone. The bullet slipped off the button, passed within a quarter of an inch of the spine, and came out at the side. The button was extracted after an operation, and he got completely well. He went to France, where he was wounded with shrapnel in the thigh, and went into hospital. He went out a third time, and received a bullet wound in the groin. He again came home, and was in hospital, and then went out a fourth time, and is now in Grove House Hospital, where he is doing well.


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