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Harrogate Herald - 7th November 1917

W H Breare letter

Waters, who is a son of Mr Waters, of Shires' Sports Depot, has already reached Grove House Hospital. This reminds me that Mr Waters himself, the father, is ill and away from home. He has not quite recovered and so remains away another month. The sportsmen among you, from Harrogate and district, will remember Mr Waters well and wish for his speedy recovery. Some of you recollect Mr & Mrs Hepper, who years ago had the Crown stables. Their only daughter is now in Harrogate studying for the vocal profession with me. Though she has been here less than two months she has made such rapid progress I am confident she will have a distinguished career on the concert platform. She is a niece of Mr Waters of whom I have been speaking to you. Last Saturday week Miss Hepper made her first appearance at St Nicholas Hospital. He success was instantaneous. A rich contralto with tears in it.


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